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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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three broadcast quality video for your media project free video and r.t. dot com. as radical islamists claim a new victory in syria there's mt the country's chemical weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. damascus says it's being framed by the west which is trying to create a piss sieved threat as a pretext for intervention all the details coming up. about austerity forces u.k. taxpayers to tighten their belts looks at how big corporations are using legal loopholes to avoid paying their share. of insecurities stepped up in the egyptian capital braces for clashes between supporters and opponents of the country's new constitution.
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sting live from moscow your with r.t. . in syria radical islamists have reportedly captured a key military base in the country's north the claim that violence has stoked fears the country's chemical weapons stockpiles could potentially fall into militant hands well it is middle east correspondent has the latest now. now this comes as the damascus regime increasingly accuses both the e.u. and the united states of conducting a smear campaign against it in terms of falsely accusing damascus of using chemical weapons the syrian foreign ministry has written a number of letters to the united nations in which it says that it is afraid that countries backing both terrorists and terrorism might themselves provide those countries with chemical weapons and then shift the blame and point fingers towards syria there is of course growing concern that the chemical weapons stockpiles
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within syria could land up in the hands of extreme militants in here we've been hearing reports of both al qaida as well as has been in the south operating in lending their support to the insurgency and so there's concern that these weapons could land up specifically in their hands the united states for its side says it has intelligence that the syrian army may be preparing to use chemical weaponry and again the u.s. has pushed the line that this would be a red line if indeed it was proven and that this would bring in the shift reaction and the immediate involvement of the united states we are hearing from a u.s. official as well as senior administration officials that the u.s. and the european union are training rebels both within jordan and turkey in terms of trying to secure these stockpiles of chemical weapons within syria now it is important to make note that none of these reports in terms of chemical weapons can
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be verified what we do know is that so your has one of the world's largest chemical weapon arsenals syria has never joined the chemical weapons convention and as such it has never given any kind of information in terms of the extended to and the declaration of its chemical weapons and this is why at this stage it is unknown exactly what is the extent of the chemical weapons and indeed in his hands there are they said he is an information war out there and we are witnessing an increasing number of videos be. posted on you tube you have a situation where both sides the damascus regime as well as the rebels are accusing the other of blood chilling atrocities as well as war crimes and let me just warn our viewers that the videos you're about to see are disturbing there is a video that is circulating on you tube that shows that assad troops are using chemical weapons and when you look at this video you see disturbing pictures of both adults but also children with disfigured face faces as well as limbs and incredible lose to the bodies there is of course also videos of rebels reportedly
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using chemical weapons on bunny's as almost a great against the assad regime that this is just what they planning on doing the rebels have also been posting videos of innocent victims of aerial bombings as well as shaming while at the same time quote assad activists have been posting on you tube videos of rebels making a child behaves in a number of prisoners now according to the information this reporter who did happen in homes what we do say you know the video is a number of the hated all victims we see the child actually beheading this person but again no way of indicating over refined exactly the truth of this although some sources say that they were people with saudi accidents being heard inside this video all of this is extremely disturbing footage again no way of verifying its authenticity but it certainly does show that tensions on the ground are increasing and increasing and alarming rate. meanwhile u.s.
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sources say washington is training rebels to secure a hundred chemical weapons in case the syrian regime collapses some observers are now convinced of the foreign intervention is in the making. this period right now and the talk of weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons in syria is very reminiscent of the run up to the anglo-american attack on iraq in two thousand and three one of those videos purported to show syrian insurgents funded by the west preparing chemical weapons which were used on rabbits but could be used on syrian civilians and then blamed on the syrian government the assad government is not suicidal it has been playing its cards very carefully there is no basis in fact for the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government that would be counterproductive the weapons of mass destruction argument used so effectively in
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two thousand and three and later found out to be a complete hoax they've just they've tried it out of the dustbin and there plan to rerun it again but while only people are trying to survive in austerity wrecked britain it seems some corporate giants will stop at nothing to get that will kill for paying their share of the tax avoidance costs the debt stricken country tens of billions of pounds a year figure that's no good being thrown away today as sarah ferguson reports. well people from all over the border tend not to this conference with companies like starbucks and apple google at the moment it's really part of a much larger picture welcome to the world of tax avoidance illegal but morally suspect way the companies and the wealthy have been dodging paying their fair share most people are due to discuss these companies do not the very taxation which is a criminal offense but are void taxation basically use existing facilities and
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legal loopholes in the different regulation and taxation between different countries to their advantage companies like. the head office is based in luxemburg which they claim is the center of the economic operations which is handy as luxembourg so well known in tax haven where companies can enjoy a lower tax rate but hang on a minute here one of amundsen's much of this thirty seven cents is based in the u.k. in fact the reality is that many of our customers their employees and many will distribution centers like this what are in fact based here in the united kingdom so it's not hard to see that the relatively small luxembourg office is nothing in fact is they say at the heart of their operations and yet the u.k. tax system doesn't seem to recognise as ordinary british taxpayers who are losing
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out that's entirely on the face of it to run because you can register your transaction in different country and the place of destruction is the place of taxation whereas you can have your activities actually taking place here is legal. surely then in the midst of a flat lining economy the government would be eager to plug the holes billions of much needed tax plans leak out. but in the chancellor's autumn statement last week and it was the penniless on welfare he went in the government's firing line why has this government decided to clamp down on benefits for clamping down on multi-million pound tax avoiders. well i think that the government is clamping down on that there's been
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a lot of money allocated by him but there are now that people know that. or doing that now that people know that they've been avoiding paying that amount of tax i mean it's no good doing it after not paying there's a difference between people. who voiding tax to legitimate reasons and those who are illegally doing it there is a to do when you're a citizen i don't know i still avoiding paying where interested me again. let me actually answer the question once before you actually interoperability tax avoid is ok to legally tell you what starbucks and amazon and google have been doing is ok's that you're saying i said there's a difference between tax avoiders and tax evasion tax evasion is illegal tax avoidance people are using the law to their benefit now if the law is wrong we need to change the law but for now the law continues to allow an exodus of profits made
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in britain meaning companies like amazon can keep getting away with paying less than the tax payers they're profiting from sarah firth r.t. london. well european union's three presidents have received this year's nobel peace prize on behalf of member states the e.u. has been given the award in recognition of fostering peace but even before the prize was hand-out the decision sparked did nation throughout europe several previous winners wrote an open letter to the nobel foundation demanding that it will be stripped of the award ahead of sunday's ceremony hundreds marched through the norwegian tapetum in protest of the institute of democracy in cooperation police peace is one of the last things you should know what is. there has not been peace in europe for the last sixty years as the president of the european council said everybody knows that there was
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a war against yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred ninety in which european states e.u. member states participated very fully they attacked you. so one cannot say that there has been peace in europe since them in any case if we look further afield with syria the european union's policy the actual policy of the european union as an organization nevermind its member states has been in my view to fan the flames of the conflict in syria and not to act as a peace broker so there is literally no way in which we can say that the european union has fostered peace. also ahead a few the security titans in egypt has more protests new supporters and opponents of president mohamed mursi. front each of the gang affiliation is itself a school and referendum draw a constitution. he says well he won't have no bread. i said way made him a lightning. thank you he will never hand then. from having
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a baby to see if the victims of a u.s. eugenics program any chance of this tragic. story in which. an artist was arrested for putting up posters critical of drone usage all over new york city the poster show a menacing drone shooting a missile at innocent children with the words drones protection when you least expect it written at the bottom these posters definitely reflect a lot of american fears that a big brother skynet will completely eliminate the very concept of privacy and free speech so to prove that americans live in a free country without any government spying the n.y.p.d. hunted down the anonymous artist and arrested him for expressing himself having
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arrested him at his residence they charged him with fifty six counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession for having a deadly terrorist weapon and unloaded twenty two caliber pistol although being in jail won't be pleasant perhaps arzt as some actually in the end got what he wanted he proved to the world that big brother surveilled him and arrested him all for throwing up a few posters looks like he proved his point but that's just my opinion. admission of free critique ation free in-store judges free. range months of free risk free studio time free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog r.t.
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dot com. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. do we speak your language or not a day of cool music programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles kidney's stories. you hear. and then try to. find out more visit.
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more news today violence is once again fled up the face these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. this is our team all world stories one. denied the chance of a baby in a decades long program of forced sterilization and there left tens of thousands of women unable to have children once promoted as a way to build a healthy nation it's only recently that the traumatized victims of eugenics program i mean considered for compensation ots were important i went to meet one of those who which that traumatized by compulsory birth control you want what are the
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eighty four year old virginia brooks was just fourteen years old when north carolina's widespread eugenics program would forever alter her future then why do i have to go to the hospital i'm not saying rocks was with two other girls when a social worker picked her up she said we're gonna take you pin it took me now i'm there and i did surgery i didn't know what do you was doing to me eugenics is a pseudo science aimed at improving the so-called quality of the population by forcibly preventing reproduction by people thought by some to be inferior in america it targeted mostly young poor minorities the mentally disabled or those otherwise deemed unfit to raise children like brooks who was an orphaned teenager she came in my chart was on the phone and she says well.
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now you know why don't you won't have no bread aid has said what a way to may want do you mean she said you you won't never know. and there when they want me headed to me this is and the grand brooks went on to adopt a little girl and mary howard her husband of forty two years between them they have four grandchildren five great grandchildren and the unfortunate legacy of suffering under the shadow of mandatory sterilization. or order away she was free from modern should be able of this day that anything. they should base. probably one of the most infamous uses of this theory was the radical purity programs in nazi germany. while north carolina's eugenics program reportedly
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claimed seven thousand six hundred victims before being dissolved in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven north carolina was one of thirty two american states that practiced eugenics and this year it was on track to be the first state to compensate living victims like brooks with a payout of up to fifty thousand dollars they were kind of us except that they were born this kind of genius they. can do better than this. change. to this day not one victim throughout the united states has been compensated for their lifelong suffering in june north carolina state senate rejected proposals to allocate funding for the compensation program some argue that paying victims for what was a legal program could lead to subsequent payouts tied to america's other historic atrocities such as slavery seven decades ago this building served as baker
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senatorial it's where state officials took virginia brooks and dozens of other young girls to undergo mandatory sterilization surgery today in service of an apartment complex where families are living routine lives this as others still bear deep scars over how their lives were forever changed here they had a baby. the people. be like they're. a life changing question but u.s. state officials refused to answer for marina port archly north carolina. on r.t. dot com right now we reveal the suspect behind the recently caught floor data sabotaging iran's nuclear program. after granting asylum to the sun ecuador continues its open door policy that is next on the country's best interest online. nine people have been wounded after unknown attackers fired at
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protesters camped out in tire essential to their square it comes as egypt goes up for more demonstrations by opponents and supporters of president morsi. rest after my secret himself extensive powers plans to put a new constitution to the vote later backtracked on some of the decree that the referendum intact. has now given the military ten from paris to the rest civilians and run up to the vote raising opposition fears the country's tend to take a shit. like kevin allen talk to journalists or that. he thinks most is a draft constitution which the nation the brink of civil war. he insisted on the. draft actually has not been discussed. by the people of egypt period. actually the country in the. civil war
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will probably be asian or precious and it's experience to speak for the first time ever in the history of egypt but the country is on the edge of the unknown at this point we don't even know what will be in them because many judges are still refusing to supervise. which will make it illegal if it happens full judiciary supervision what's your view on the opposition and their stance they're blaming the government for dividing the country but why can't they make some concessions the greater dialogue instead of pushing for more protests is there is no point to. be spoiling it if he's insisting on. this course if you shouldn't be a threat to the unity of the people. to the people of egypt feel that. we always have
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we still have weak political parties we have a strong civil society in egypt and we think the. people of egypt have after. we became free now we are not prepared to give in to any and. can see the. three that you are more prepared to give someone who want to be in you know we have this eclipse to conspire. to have our freedom and we are not going to leave you. for legal woes of the former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss kahn the sex abuse accusations in the u.s. apparently come to an end. well use of sexual assault as civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum. is when it in six billion dollars scandal
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cost position at the top of the internet. and start of his presidential ambitions he could still face other charges of being prostitution. every. prime minister of mali has resigned in a state t.v. broadcasters hours after his arrest late on monday taking yarra was detained by members of a citizen's group backed by the country's military he was promoting a un backed resolution for international military intervention to help regain control of one where al-qaeda linked militants took control of the or during a much cooler. recent belfast nod and treating a petrol bomb attack on officers attempted that the group of fifteen suspected lawless town of the not the spear comes from enduring thank you it was parked outside the offices of a nazi party comes off the local council had
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a union flag from the city was in protest sporadic wanted to respond fast police had to use water cannons to disperse the rioting crowds. but coming up we'll take you to some petersburg and its very own palace of the sun stay with. trimmings a mystery even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it wants to do he means the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. i am.
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a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the news believe not only animals but also surrounded objects like reverse forests and even stones have souls imitating us some. they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. the. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument that those that have suffered a fall is gone the spirits of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to
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remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody on these human is called . the. two flies one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to tour peru and they say for you are peons it's difficult to pick up and sing so i asked them to teach me and see if i can do it. cheerily the children work. shero you shared water that was sure to carry out the food and was you take care of. the but now it is only and moody part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i didn't
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dare try to repeat. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met mall she looks like it to vini and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. tomorrow my answer that she planned from two hundred years ago until happy here she's not planning a professional singing career she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. also meeting the perfect time for a bold elegantly duzen to go lunch gentleman and even the emperor himself were ready to waltz but the grand a-k. soon interrupted by terrible news. napoleon's army but invaded russia.
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this is peterhof home to russia's most beautiful palaces and go to every autumn a glorious celebration marks the end of the fountain season today's event is dedicated to the war of eighteen twelve over this magnificent ensemble of museums and fountains is more than just a remnant of peter the great snipe hunt century russia it also has the scars of world war two. is that as we welcome to peter hope it is the most visited museum in russia around four point two million tourists come to peterhof every year why do people come here because peter hall boasts one hundred fifty fountains seven palaces and twenty three museums and of course the most important highlight of peterhof is its fountain system.
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you know if i first found to go. each day at a live news thousands of tourists to gather in the lower gardens of be tough to see for themselves the fountain start up. takes twelve people to open all of l's and recently it's been accompanied by some petersburg's and some of. the idea to build best residence struck peter the great during his diplomatic visit to versa. however of all of the fountains of course i were one with the help of pumps so if they could only operate without human assistance for the.


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